Coming Services                                                                                                                         

8th March                                    10 30 am REFRESH All-age worship, with a mothering theme

15th March                                  6 pm Holy Communion

22nd March                                  6 pm Evensong

29th March                                  Benefice Eucharist at St Mary's, Thornbury

3rd April                                      Good Friday. Meet at St Arilda's and walk down to service in the chapel

5th April                                     11 am Holy Communion

12th April                                   10 30 am  REFRESH All-age worship

19th April                                    6 pm Holy Communion

26th April                                    6 pm Evensong

3rd May                                     8 am Holy Communion
                                                  6 pm Evensong at Shepperdine

10th May                                  10 30 am REFRESH All -age worship

17th May                                   6 pm Holy Communion

24th May                                   6 pm Evensong

31st May                                    10 am Benefice Eucharist led by Bishop Martyn. Followed by a picnic in the churchyard


At Shepperdine

22nd March                             9 30 am Holy Communion

5th April                                   9 30 am Holy Communion

3rd May                                   6pm Evensong

24th May                                 9 30 am Holy Communion

South aisle at St Arilda's