St Arilda's Church Oldbury on Severn
St Arilda's ChurchOldbury on Severn

The Churchyard

The churchyard is maintained by volunteers and is carefully managed to benefit wildlife and wildflowers. The upper graveyard round the church has been full for some time and burials are now in the lower graveyard on the North side of the church. There is also a space for tablets commemorating those who have been cremated.

Wild flowers are a feature of the churchyard. In the spring the area round the church is a mass of primroses and other spring flowers. Later in the year there are many summer flowers such as cowslips, moon daisies and knapweed, especially in the lower churchyard. 

There is a colony of glow worms in and around the churchyard. They may be seen after dark in July. The numbers may be in decline, but in recent years the summer weather has been very poor for glow worm spotting

Burials in the churchyard are restricted to those who have lived in the parish, or who had strong connections with the parish.  Full guidance as to the maintenance of graves can be found in the porch.

The Village History Group has surveyed and recorded every grave in the churchyard. The results have been collected in a book, with photographs of all the graves. This should be a considerable help to family history researchers - see contact below.


The churchyard was recently featured in the BBC Countryfile series and the podcast can be reached through the following link;


Burials and Funerals Please contact the church office in Thornbury 01454 281900 e-mail

Graves Research:

Meg Adnams 01454 416080.   


Churchyard maintenance

Martin Fardell 01454 412486

(More help always welcome!)

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